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First week in my new job!!!

This week I had my first 5 days working in the new hotel!!!

It was very good, everyone there is nice and my work on the reception is really intressting.

And better than in my old work because, there i just learned the job, here I have more responsibility!!!  

Thats amazing and cool! 

 Now I am at my boyfriends house, we`re watching TV and eating some cake


ANNA :-) 

8.3.08 18:37

Postcard to Portugal arrived!!


My Postcard to Portugal arrived!!!! Wow thats great!


8.3.08 18:28

USA postcard arrived on monday!!!

oh that was sooo great!

my second postcard arrived on monday in tenesse!

everyday im so nervous when I look up my letter box!

I hope that I will recieve one soon!!!


Love Anna


5.3.08 23:22

First Postcard arrived!!!

Today my first Postcard to Spain arrived in Palenica!

I am so happy

And it means that I will hopefully receive a postcard in the next few days.

It will be sooo suprising from where!

So goodbye for now!





1.3.08 22:46

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